A Little About Us

Welcome! “Our Life Overseas” follows our everyday life while living in Germany

We were married in November of 2014, so still newlyweds in my book.

In May 2015, James graduated boot camp as Army Military Police. His orders have taken us to Stuttgart, Germany which is proving to be everything I hoped it would. Neither of us have ever left the United States, so living in Europe has been a dream come true. Everything seems to be right in our backyard now.

Before I left to join James here, my mom had suggested I start a blog of some sort, thus “Our Life Overseas” was born. I think it’ll be a great way to include everyone back home in our adventure.

You’ll find recipes, updates on our day to day life in Stuttgart, our adventures through Europe, and so much more as I go along and improve on blogging.

Sit back and join us on the adventure of a lifetime.



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4 thoughts on “A Little About Us

  1. Stuttgart is awesome! Our best German friends live in Stuttgart right now _between Stuttgart North and West), and my husband’s German family live 90 minutes west of the city in Bavaria.


  2. I don’t want to offend, but I couldn’t help but notice the sweatshirt with “Storm Trooper Academy. It may be my age, it may be that my family is German and lived through the war, but that really is…. insensitive. Of course, as this is your blog, you can always tell me where to stick my two sense worth.


    1. I’m sorry, that it offended you. My husband is a huge Star Wars fan. I can promise you it means no offense. Just a sweatshirt his grandmother thought he would enjoy. I apologize.


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