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100th Post!!!

100th Post Our life overseas

Yay I made it!!!

When I arrived in Germany, I wanted a way to preserve all the memories we would be making in Germany. In addition I wanted a way to keep family and friends back in the States updated on how life was going here, and share with them all the wonderful places we get to see and the experiences we have.

This little corner of the internet I call my own has grown from a communication tactic, into a full on passion. It warms my heart everyday when I see people taking the time to stop by. When I get on it is always exciting to see the graph grow of viewership and visitors, to see where in the world I have reached, and most importantly to see when someone has taken the time to like a post or to comment on it.

Thank you to everyone who follows, comments, likes, or stops by just to see what’s going on. Y’all have each helped make this into a passion for me.

So, today in honor of reaching post 100, I would like to share with y’all my favorite 10 posts.




After arriving in Germany, this was the first place I saw. I didn’t even explore the city we live in first. Nope, I wanted to go to this cobblestone, pedestrian filled, town. I wanted to be absolutely sure that the first time i really saw anywhere in Europe, it was some place only to be found within a European country.


Our First Anniversary

Of course one of my favorite posts would be all about celebrating one year of marriage. As an added bonus at the end is the recipe for the pork loin I made.




We finally became world travelers in December, making this a must to add to my list. We may have been living in Germany for a while now but, Zürich, was the first time we actually left the country. Now we – or at least I am – are doing it rather regularly. Everything about this city was perfect easily one of the bet days we’ve had.



Prague ~ December 2015



Prague ~ March 2016

Ok so yes this is technically two, but how am I to choose between them? They both cover my favorite city in Europe, to date at least because we all know I have yet to go to Paris and that will be my favorite when it finally happens. Prague has been so good to me. It is charming and kind, and filled with a thousand and one picture perfect locations. I will never get enough.



Munich Part One

Munich Part Two

Munich Part Three

So, I’m a little bad at picking one post per number. Again though how to pick just one? These all go together and it was without a doubt the perfect trip together.


Sweet Chili Salmon

Our all time favorite salmon recipe. Clearly we were too excited to eat it, for me to stop and nab a picture of it.



My 24th Birthday

The stars had all aligned and I finally got to see the most famous sight in all of Germany. One of the best birthdays ever and to top it all off my wonderful husband made me a PINK cake!!!


Date Nights in Stuttgart

Just those simple nights enjoying each others company over some of the most delicious food. So yummy…



Valentine’s Day

Oh good grief this was the most time consuming thing to ever set up, but it was a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and do it around James’ crazy schedule.



Kronk’s Spinach Puffs

These delicious bad boys… By far my favorite breakfast/brunch item to make and eat. So delicious and James just loves them. Again so yummy.

And there it is… Thank you everyone for helping me reach this point.


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