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The Gilded City of Vienna

What can I say about Vienna? Not long after I got here James wanted me to prioritize the cities I wanted to see and Vienna was one that made the cut of must sees. I counted down the days till this trip and really built it up in my mind however I did not fall in love. I’m not even sure I liked the city. All day I mulled over this city. Do I or don’t I? Even now I am unsure of this city. James and I have got to be in the minority when it comes to our feelings of this city. In the end I’m happy I got to see it and experience the city, but I just don’t know if it was worth making the final cut. Maybe another visit is in order? I just don’t know. All the sights we saw were beautiful no doubt, but I think what left a bad taste in our mouths was the city itself. Going from sight to sight the city was rather dirty and ultimately unappealing. I really like to walk the cities when we go and experience it all on foot, however this is one city I wouldn’t recommend doing that. If I go again I will probably take the hop on and off bus line. Either way though we have many memories from this gilded city.


After our arrival, we made a beeline for the edges of Vienna to Prater Park to ride the famous Wiener Riesenrad. As you rotate you get to see the city from above and it was picture perfect.


St Stephan’s Cathedral

Vienna is not lacking in churches one bit. As we made our way through the city we wandered in and out of the most opulent churches. It was a huge plus to walking getting to see all these lesser known churches.






After three church tours and some terrifying heights it was time to partake in a delicious lunch of an Austrian classic.


The food was SO delicious. It was heavenly.



 Next up on our day we made our way to the palace, but first we had to make a stop in the famed Demel. I have to say this was a bit of a let down. The shop area was so packed with people it was hard to walk through without knocking anything over. I was ok with that though thinking I was going to get some of the best chocolate cake ever. I mean Vienna prides itself on their cake and coffee. I cannot speak for the coffee but the cake was seriously lacking. It was so dried out. This cake must have been sitting out all day by the time we bought a slice. It was impossible to eat it.

We made our way down the street after to see the palace. I was holding on to my hope of this being the most wonderful of experiences. This girl loves a good palace tour after all. Since being in Germany, I have not been on a worse one. They packed as many people into each hall as possible. It was a bit upsetting. You could barely move for all the other people. The worst of all was not being able to enjoy the whole palace. The staff required you to do the tour in one specific loop, which effected the amount of time we had and could not see the areas we actually wanted to see. Not cool Vienna, not cool at all.







At the end of our day we started making our way back to the middle of the city and that was when we really got shown how hard this city is to navigate. We spent two hours circling the city attempting to find our way to the center. We did how ever get to see yet another beautiful church, though this time we were not allotted the time to see the inside.


The city of Vienna, had really high highs, and really low lows. I’m just not sure about it as a whole even now. The best way I can describe it is a gilded city. At first look it is stunningly beautiful but as you experience it you begin to realize it is just another city. I felt it lacked the charm of the other European cities we have been to.

Will i go back to Vienna? I honestly don’t know. If I do, I have a very long list of things to do differently. Maybe this city deserves a second, closer look… I shall wait and see.

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31 thoughts on “The Gilded City of Vienna

    1. See this is exactly why I feel I need to go again, but I’m afraid it will be the same or worse. I am out of the norm of liking this city so I probably need to take a second look.


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t like Vienna. It’s one of the few larger cities that I absolutely love! We did A LOT of walking there, but also took the trams part of the time. If you think Vienna is dirty I hope you don’t plan to go to London (or pretty much any English city really).


      1. London is quite polluted – there are a lot of cars. Also, I unfortunately have to say British people have a tendency to litter. There are street cleaners, of course, but they can’t keep on top of all of it.


    1. I think it may be. I know I am the extreme minority on my opinion of Vienna. I really am beginning to lean to seeing it again. I hope your trip there is wonderful. The spring weather as of late will be so much better than what we had.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience in Vienna. And I get why you can’t decide whether you liked it or not. I haven’t been there for far too long now. I will have to come back.


  3. I found Vienna to be a lot like a really pretty person with no personality. 😂 I have a free week there each year if my husband continues his German basketball coaching job, so maybe if I get to know Vienna better, I will find it more interesting. The best things about it for me were the food and all the Hundertwasser buildings.


    1. That’s exactly how we were. It was like “don’t look too close you won’t like it” lol. I think I have to go back again see though. Everyone I’ve talked to LOVES the city but maybe it’s just not meant to be for me.


  4. SO. I just got back from Vienna and I felt the SAME way you did. Although… Cafe Demel did have a good apple strudel, I thought. I thought Cafe Central had the best of both apple strudel and sacher torte (or “traditional Viennese chocolate cake” on their menu, lol). We also had a really terrible tour guide in Vienna, so that was disappointing. I feel like I have to go back and maybe have a better tour and check out the music/art scene, but it’s definitely not as high on my list as other cities that I enjoyed more.


    1. I feel better that it isn’t just me lol. Before we went everyone was saying how wonderful it is and how much we will love it. Afterwards I was like “ummm did we go to the same city, is there another Vienna I don’t know about” lol. If I go back I will have to check out Cafe Central, because that cake was a serious let down. Even for my husband who is is all about chocolate.


  5. It’s funny, I’ve seen a lot of people say the same about Vienna – and a lot of people who love it. I had a really short visit to the city, and I’ve got to say I didn’t fall in love with it after a few experiences which weren’t bad but just left a slightly unpleasant taste in the mouth. Then I read blogs about how beautiful it is, and think I really should give it another chance… Thanks for linking up with #citytripping


    1. It makes me feel so much better that it isn’t just me. I’m pretty sure I’ll try Vienna out again but it really is reassuring. I commented on it earlier how I felt like there must be another Vienna, a better one and that is what people love lol.


  6. I felt the same way about Paris. People rave about it, but I thought it was dirty, over-priced, and overflowing with scam artists. Yes, there were things I liked and enjoyed, but I didn’t love it the way I did London. I saw a comment above about London being dirty, but that’s not been my experience in the tourist areas. The cleanest cities are in Germany, though! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TravelTuesday!


    1. Oh gosh I hope that isn’t my experience with Paris. I’ve been dreaming of going there for nearly my whole life. I would be crushed… Who knows maybe everyone just has that city that leaves a bad taste in their mouth. I prey Paris doesn’t do that to me though lol.


  7. I’ve never been to Vienna but I don’t think you are alone in feeling this way about the city. The churches and architecture look stunning though and I love your photos. Thanks for your honest assessment and linking to #citytripping


  8. Sometimes you do not click with a city. For example, half of the world seems to be in love with Barcelona. But, I do not heart the city. I mean, I have tried but there are nothing that wants me to go back. On the contrary, I adore Madrid.


  9. I’ve never been to Vienna but I’ve been to Salzburg which a lot of people love and that kind of left me cold. I get what you mean about stuff looking all shiny and exciting from the outside but being a bit soulless once you get up close.

    For me, it’s never been a city top of my list to visit. Where are you off to next?


    1. MILAN!!! Im excited to start seeing places through out Italy. If I could I would spend months slowly traveling through Italy exploring every city, town, and village. Just a few more weeks now…

      I really loved Salzburg. It was so beautiful. It’s refreshing to hear from other people about their lack luster experiences in cities. I felt something was wrong with me, like I’m living in Europe, getting to see so many places and here I am complaining about this city. It is really nice knowing I’m not alone lol.


  10. i can’t see that Ferris wheel without thinking of Orson Welles and The Third Man. I really would like to get to Vienna. So much to see and do and of course eat!


  11. Sometimes going to a city is like watching a new-release movie that everyone has really hyped. It doesn’t live up to your expectation. I do think another go is a good idea. I loved it second time around.

    And welcome to Weekend Travel Inspiration!


  12. We’re heading to Prater Park next month to ride Olympia Looping! Thanks for sharing your feedback – it will definitely help me to plan our trip. Sorry to hear that Vienna didn’t make a better impression, though.


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