Five on Friday

Five on Friday

First Five on Friday, in a long while for me. Spring has finally sprung here in Stuttgart and I couldn’t be happier. I loved all the snow and winter weather we were having but getting snow in April was AWFUL!!! Finally sunny weather and clear blue skies and only about a month late. This girl is over joyed by it. I hope it is here to stay for a while. Shall we get to it now?



Spring in Stuttgart is proving to be wonderful. On Monday evening we went downtown to check out the much talked about Spring Festival 2016. It was so much fun and Monday nights is the time to go. The rides were filled with stomach dropping fun and the food was so amazing. Curry wurst and cotton candy make for one happy Melanie. I can’t wait for next year’s festival.


IMG_1953Last weekend, I went to Salzburg, Austria and did The Sound of Music tour. The weather could not have been better. Clear blue skies graced us all day long, a nice breeze throughout, and the perfect temperature for walking the town. When I returned home I told James, we have to return for a mini vacation. It is the perfect place to recharge your batteries.


I made the mistake of clearing out some photo history in my files this week. It has been a major exercise in patience getting all the photos reloaded to their respective pages this week. I will not be making that mistake EVER again. All of my travel posts have been fixed and most of the recipes as well. Sadly I couldn’t recover a lot of the photos on my day to day posts. At least the ones I love the most made it safely back onto the blog. YAY!!!


Disney Night was a few weeks back now but WOW!!! this is still one of the best numbers I have seen for an opening. Val is just amazing with the violin. Swoon…


Have a great Friday and even better weekend!!!


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