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An Afternoon of Solitude

On Sunday, we took a short fifteen minute drive to the picturesque Solitude Palace here in Stuttgart. Hidden within a charming park, it was clear to see why this location was chosen for this pleasure palace. The grounds surrounding the magnificent palace, exuded such a relaxing vibe that the wind even took to quieting itself while passing over the area.

The location was chosen for its proximity to the main palace of Ludwigsburg, a mere thirteen kilometers (eight miles) away, by Duke Charles Eugene. Construction of the palace and grounds began in 1764, and was completed four years later. This palace was used as a pleasure palace. Being close enough to the main palace he could sneak away for a few hours at a time on any given day. This sight was solely used for the purpose of retreating from the day to day propriety of court life and as such was intended for the Duke, and a selection of his closest confidants.

Much of the property is as it was in the 1700s with only light restoration work to maintain its splendor.


The tree lined path leading up to the palace.


A few of the horses belonging to the property.


Original carriage house.



The front end of the palace. When the weather permitted all the shutters and doors would be opened to allow the flow of fresh air and sunshine through.


Ludwigsburg and the main palace in the distance.

The exquisite details within the corridors beneath the palace.


The backside of the palace.


One part of the original stable structure, now converted into a dining establishment. Both parts could accommodate up to 350 horses.



James getting some artsy photos in.


The path on the right, is the original path the Duke, had forged for direct access between the palaces. Parts have since been paved over, but each palace is still accessible through the use of this path.







Tours are given every half hour for the price of €4 per person, in German only. We were lucky and everyone within our group spoke English, so we did get ours in English. Even if you do not speak German, the tour is worth it to see the beautiful rooms within. The main entrance is used today for weddings. No pictures are allowed within, so you will have to trust me when I say the ceiling in the main room is draw dropping. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful places one could get married.

If you are going to be in the Baden-Württemberg area for a bit and will see more than two of their stunning cultural sights get the Schloss Card. For €24 you get one time access to twenty-four of the sights within the state and it is valid for one year. Definitely worth it.

We will be going back when warmer weather comes to enjoy the rolling hills and the quiet air about the grounds. We have not acclimated enough to enjoy a picnic with the blustering winds yet.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and post as much as I loved capturing everything and writing. Tomorrow I will share our Füssen trip from this weekend so watch out for that.

Much love,


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5 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Solitude

  1. I love the name Solitude Palace – it definitely gives it a certain air. It looks such a peaceful place to while away a few hours. My son would love running about here… maybe then it wouldn’t be so peaceful! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes


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