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24 at 24: My Bucket List

24 at 24

To celebrate my birthday, I have spent the week creating my 24 at 24 Bucket List. I have selected twenty-four, items from my overall bucket list to complete this year. The countdown officially begins today.



Paris has held my heart captive for as long as I can remember. Before I turn 25, I will have seen this glamorous city. Most of the real leg work was taken care of for me once I moved to Stuttgart. Now just a stone’s through away from me and still I haven’t gone. Another year will not pass without me getting to see Paris, the City of lights and love.



Mandatory for all Harry Potter, fans; I want to unleash the inner nerd and spend hours wandering the studios in London. Harry Potter, is a life long commitment. As if London needs help being any more awesome, I can get a tourist passport stamp here!!! With the Schengen Area, the dream of having a colorful passport has died off. Now hopefully it is an actual stamp and not just a digital scan…



Hot air balloon ride. As a Bachelor and Bachelorette, addict, I have fallen in love with the romance of hot air ballooning. This has been something I have wanted to do since coming to Germany and I hope I will get to do this over the wonderful German state of Bavaria.


Forever ago I saw Chasing Liberty, for the first time and it has remained one of my favorite films ever since. After seeing this scene bungee jumping became a goal of mine. With summer just around the corner now is the time to find the real Jumping Germans.



Attend the Munich Oktoberfest. This year will be THE year to do it. The 500th anniversary of Reinheitsgebot, will happen this year. All those years ago the standard for Bavarian beer was created and beer as the world knew it would change.



Stick shift is pretty much obsolete back in the States, but it is alive and well over here in Europe and this girl is clueless. I have tried and failed before, but this year I want to learn the long lost art of driving a stick.



Spend a night in a castle. What princess loving, girly girl wouldn’t want to live out this Disney dream? There’s hundreds of castles all over this beautiful country, surely one of them has been made into a hotel.



On the note of Disney dreams coming true, see Disneyland Paris. Two of my greatest loves coming together.



I stepped off the plane arriving in Stuttgart and somehow got the crazy idea that I am an outdoorsy sort of girl. Since that wild desire has yet to leave me I want to hike one of the many breath taking trails within the Black Forest. Nothing too crazy, I haven’t totally lost it (yet), just a few hours surrounded by the mysterious forest.



I have never been to the Texas State Fair. Gasp!!! How un-Texan like of me. I haven’t even been to a carnival in the last seven or eight years. Thankfully everything gets celebrated here. With spring just around the corner, I am attending the Stuttgart Spring Festival to my 24 at 24.




Here I go again adding another outdoorsy thing to do. I am going to place under adventure and adrenaline though. Just like bungee jumping. White water rafting!!! I have actually wanted to do this for some time now and with several locations all super close to us, I plan to make it happen this year.



Hit the beach in Germany. The little beach town of Rügen reminds me of something you would find back in the 20s. Needs to get a bit warmer here first before we adventure up north to the beaches.



Make my grand tour of the Scandinavian and Baltic countries a reality. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It will be a jam packed adventure and one I am anxious to experience. Seven countries in one trip!!! I’ll need a vacation to recover from this trip but it will be one for the books.



 Tour a vineyard and do a wine tasting. Of course I would love to do this in Italy, but little did I know until recently, we in Germany have plenty of our own vineyards to tour and taste at. I was about as surprise with that as I was last year learning that Texas has vineyards too. Anyways I feel this is a key European experience. After all no one does wine better than the Europeans.



Take the train somewhere. Everyone talks about taking the trains around Germany and all over Europe. It is going on five months since I arrived and I have yet to have this experience. It is a must for me to do while we are stationed here and why keep waiting?



I want to see a soccer game. We are not soccer fans and in fact outside of high school games, I’ve never been to a one. You know the saying though, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” We have a plan to do just that and attend a professional soccer match here in Germany. All that is left now is to find out when the season is… Oh and if Stuttgart has a team… Munich does right? Can y’all tell we really don’t know anything about soccer?



Travel the Romantic Road. I want to road trip at least a portion of this fairy tale region in Germany. If we can do the whole thing that will be fantastic but I at least want to hit some of the major spots along the journey. It will be a very romantic trip, after all it is called the “Romantic” Road. Anniversary trip maybe?



Europa Park. I love roller coasters. They are the safe adrenaline rush. Whizzing through at insane speeds and doing flips and round abouts. Europa Park is the largest theme park in Germany and the second most visited in Europe. Naturally Disneyland Paris beats it out. Here shortly this roller coaster wonder opens up and I plan to enjoy every ride it has to offer.



Indoor water parks. Germany has several of these awesome inventions and I have to say nothing seems more fun than getting to go down a water slide in winter. A quick weekend escape from the cold and rain to an indoor tropical oasis? Sign me up ASAP!!!



If you can’t tell, I am a bit of a castle junkie. What better place to live than Germany when that’s your addiction right? I want to see all the castles, maybe even through in some palaces, for the state of Baden – Württenberg. I have seen Heidelberg‘s castle and Hohenzollern. Two down and many more to go, for this state alone. I would like to be as knowledgeable of the area as possible for when we get guests. Also for any new neighbors.



Liechtenstein is a tiny principality (is there any other kind) between Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. With an average of only 52,000 tourist a year, this tiny wonder will provide a total immersion experience. Look at this place! How can they not be flooded with tourists every summer? Well this girl is going and hopefully when it is this green and lush. AND I can go there and get a passport stamp from the tourist office. Once again with everything moving to modern technology and free passage among Schengen States, the dream of having  well loved passport has started to die off. Liechtenstein and England will have to battle it out for who gets ownership of the first stamp.



I love cooking. Almost as much as I love to travel. Almost… I want to broaden my horizons on the cooking spectrum and learn to cook the German way.



Zugspitze is the highest point in all of Germany. With the peak being easily accessed, I want to spend a day admiring the amazing scenery of Germany. With restaurants and shops at the top it’ll be easy to spend an entire day on top of Germany.


Amawaterways Vineyards of the Rhine and Mosel.jpg

I would love to do a day cruise. Whether it is touring the famous Rhine River or stepping into three countries in one day on Lake Constance it doesn’t matter. All I want is to spend a leisurely day under the sun and on top of the water.

24 at 24 is now complete. The only question left: Where do I begin?



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