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Munich: The 24 Hour Guide

At the end of January we took a weekend trip to Munich. By far this has been one of the most stand out trips we have taken. Munich changed what I will think of when I look back at our time living here. It is such a beautiful city filled with tons of culture and history. Every street offers something new and exciting to be done. We were only in the city for a single night and we got to see and do so many things unique to Munich.

So, if you find yourself planning a trip to Germany or through Europe, here’s a look at everything that can be done in 24 hours.


Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial

Stepping foot into history, is something no one should miss out on. The memorials around the grounds are a beautiful sight to behold. Dachau is a must stop for those who love history and for those seeking a glimpse into the past.


The City of Munich

There is so much to do and see in Munich. You could spend several days here and not get to see it all. For our first trip we narrowed it down to the must see sights of the city.

The English Gardens were so beautiful encased in the snow. I cannot even begin to imagine the beauty of this place in the spring as everything begins to bloom.

The surfers at Eisbach in the English Gardens. These guys deserve a round of a applause. It was about 25 degrees that day and they are out there surfing in water that had ice floating in it.


Marienplatz is a must. Jaw dropping buildings, statues, and churches surround this area. It is the central point of the city for sight seeing, shopping, and dining. We were here on a Thursday night and the square was packed with tourists and locals alike. Live music could be heard from several bands all over and down each street was a plethora of shops and restaurants. I highly recommend seeing this place in the evening with everything lit up. It is magical.




The Royal Side

The morning before you leave a stop must be made at Munich’s palace. The grounds are expertly maintain even in the middle of winter, proving a beautiful escape from the city. A trip inside is a must for those that love the cultural aspect of history. The palace is a beautifully preserved and restored gem of Bavarian history. At the very least seeing the grounds should be done while visiting this culture filled city. The inside is expansive, so only listen to the audio guide on what appeals to you the most.


Where to Eat and Where to Sleep

Hofbräuhaus, is a must stop for a meal and authentic German beer. The food is delicious and so filling. A quick stop here will have you fueled up for several more hours of walking. It is a really neat way to get the experience of Oktoberfest without all the crowds as well.


When I started looking for a weekend getaway I researched hotels and came across Hilton Munich Park. This was an amazing find. It’s slightly removed from the main sights of Munich, but you get the wonderful benefit of walking through the English Garden, which is larger than Manhattan’s Central Park. Also who wouldn’t love opening the curtains to this view?



Happy planning and I hope you enjoy your trip to Munich.

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5 thoughts on “Munich: The 24 Hour Guide

    1. I am waiting for everything to be in bloom before we go back. It was so pretty covered in snow, I know it’ll be breath taking with the greenery.

      Thank you so much for reading my stuff and commenting 🙂


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