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Fit for a Prince

After moving a few items to our storage unit yesterday, we were looking at a pretty quiet and uneventful day lounging around the house. I was sitting on the couch jumping from link to link on Facebook when I came across this Buzzfeed list and number 12, happened to be just outside of Stuttgart. With a purse full of snacks and my camera in hand we were off to Hohenzollern Castle.


First look at the castle from the autobahn.


In true castle fashion, there was a monstrous hike up a mountain. There is a shuttle that will take you up and down for about €3 a person but where is the fun in that? You miss the beautiful photo ops and of course the hilarious spectacle of other wannabe mountain hikers attempting the climb. Add in the snow and ice slicked hills and it was a hilarious walk for us.




Some of the beautiful scenery on the way up. Getting to live in Germany is like being dropped into a Disney movie. Every time we go out, I am reminded of all the beauty the world has to offer. We are truly blessed to get the opportunity to see so many places we otherwise wouldn’t have.


The unassuming snow covered steps to the castle. The snow claimed several people going up and down.


“Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?”

~National Treasure (2004)


James apparently did.


Seeing this the only thing I could think of was, “This, is, SPARTA!”





My husband over there looking like Sasquatch.











These doors were just too beautiful to pass up taking a photo.


Exploring the secret passage way under the castle.

Hohenzollern Castle was a wonderful way to spend our afternoon. Such a beautiful place that has been opened up to the public (certain wings are still private living areas for the Prince and Princess of Prussia). If you find yourself in the Stuttgart area, you must visit this gem.

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10 thoughts on “Fit for a Prince

  1. You are much braver than me. I went in January. There wasn’t much snow, but it was an overcast day. We opted to take the shuttle up to the castle instead and then we walked back down. I can’t even imagine doing it in the ice and snow! I would certainly fall and break something! (Even if it was just the camera I was carrying!)


    1. We didn’t think it would be that bad of a walk up there. Oh my gosh we, mostly me lol, were so wrong. I had never felt so out of shape before.

      The snow and ice weren’t so bad going up it was coming down. If you went too quick you lost traction and before you knew it, you’d be sliding down the hill.

      Isn’t that castle just beautiful though? So gorgeous and i had no idea it was so close to us.

      Thank you so much for stopping by today and commenting 🙂



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