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Date Nights in Stuttgart

Normally when we go out to dinner for date night, we go to our favorite little sushi place down the street. Last month we decided to shake things up a little. Not only did we try out a new restaurant, which as we all know can be a gamble at times, we also tried a new cuisine.

So here we are both twenty-three, living in Germany, and we have never had Thai food. I searched online for some places near us and plugged one in to our GPS. Coming up the street you would never notice this place. After we pass it and decide to turn around we find it’s little nondescript door.

Nothing has ever been more misleading than that door. We walked in the door and it was like being transported to a tropical island. This place was so beautiful. It was like taking a beach vacation in the middle of winter.

The service was amazing, the drinks divine, and the food out of this world. The last couple days that I have been cooking dinner, I have found myself day dreaming of this place. I think another night out is needed here pretty soon.

Rainbow Garden 2

Beautiful drinks and look at the detail carved into the wood table.

Rainbow Garden 3

On the left is duck which I had never had before and let me tell you this was the way to try it for the first time. The right is pineapple pork another amazing dish we had. The portions are huge, we had tons of left overs to bring home, so a note to my Stuttgart friends, if you go here consider sharing a plate.

If you are in the area and looking for a place to have food that is too delicious to be true, check out Rainbow Garden. You will not be disappointed.



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