Five on Friday

Five on Friday: I’m Back!!!

I am back and on a roll. After that too long break, which I have realized was much needed, I am back and focusing on what I love to write about the most. Kind of an obvious discovery, but hey “live and learn” my life motto. So jumping on in…



I have pretty much been talking about this all week, but in case you missed it… I’M GOING TO PRAGUE AGAIN!!! Though Paris has been my dream trip for Europe and pretty much the entire world, Prague has run away with my heart. This charming city has been playing it’s siren call, luring me back. Soon…

21 December 2015 Prague
2 March 2016 Prague




The Easter season is upon us and with the opening of all the markets in Europe. Though I am not as hyped as I was for the Christmas Markets, this is sure to be an experience. One of my favorite things about living in Europe, is the exuberance the people have for each holiday.

Text here


Due to my lack of appearance last month, I am a little behind on things I wanted to share with y’all. Yesterday I did a little catch up by posting my Mini-Golf DIY. It was pretty fun and creative way to spend our Valentine’s Day this year. I will probably be setting it up again pretty soon for a date night. Check it out for a fun, inexpensive activity.

3 March 2016 Mini-Golf DIY




It was the best Monday morning ever, to wake up and see that our beloved Leo FINALLY won an Oscar. 2016 is proving to be one full of memories for us all.

Text here


Enough said…


Happy Friday everyone and have a fantastic weekend!!!


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6 thoughts on “Five on Friday: I’m Back!!!

  1. Prague looks so pretty! It’s on my list of places to visit someday! I would really love to visit a Christmas or Easter market, they always look so neat!
    And I hope you get to visit Paris someday! It is such a beautiful city!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. The markets are amazing but it is so crowded. I had no idea how many people come from all over the world to see Prague at Christmas time. They really go all out for it.
      It really is I cannot wait to go see it. Soon hopefully 🙂
      You do the same!!!


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