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Mini-Golf DIY

James loves mini-golf, he just adores it. However, I have yet to find a course here, do they even mini-golf in Europe? Anyways with no courses to be found, and don’t even get me started on the constant rain of last month, I set my crafting skills to work and DIYed us a course.

First and for most, this takes a bit of time and planning y’all. It took me several HOURS to get all prepared while he was at work. The amount of joy he had over it was totally worth it all.

What you need:

Tape to outline the course (I used tulle since I had so much)

Something to act as the hole

A putter

And of course items to act as barriers and tunnels

If you want to get even more in to it:

Use some decorated card stock to make hole numbers and their par, as well as making score cards.


Here are my numbers and score cards. I started out with a plan for a full eighteen holes, but I ran out of tulle. So instead I created nine holes of extreme difficulty.

Be creative in how you set up your course. I had more fun putting it all together than i actually had playing it.


In the extra room, I used my library books to act as obstacles to the hole. I hid the cup behind the back stack. This was the second hardest hole I designed.

This here was our final hole and the hardest one.

We started by having to putt it under the love seat. If it got stuck one stroke penalty. After it cleared the love seat, the ball had to go through the coffee table. Here was another additional stroke for not making it. I’m hard core I know. Finally once through the two “tunnels,” you had to putt it from the back corner, past the back right foot of the love seat, ending under our table. This one was insanely hard and I am a crazy person for even designing it.

All in all it was a pretty fun evening and a great, inexpensive way to spend our Valentine’s Day.



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