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Prague is Summoning Me


Yesterday on Instagram, I announced I will be taking my second trip to Prague. Words cannot express how excited I am.

Back in December I went with a friend for their Christmas season and the city was so beautiful. Prague made me fall in love with it all too quickly. The history and beauty that surround you is jaw dropping. It is impossible not to love this beautiful and historic city.

When we left I was thoroughly bewitched by Prague and could not wait till I would have another opportunity to go again. Now here I am almost three full months later and she is summoning me.

So to hold me over for the next few weeks let’s take a look back at my favorite photos of Prague.












Check out my first trip to Prague for a bit more on why this city is so bewitching.

I will be re-seeing some of my favorite sights and getting in those I didn’t see however, this time around I want to do and see some of the less tourist populated areas.

Any of y’all that have been to Prague, do you have some suggestions for a second time visit? Please tell me all about the must see things of Prague that the guide books don’t cover.


Compass Rose

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