Our Everyday

Marvelous March

Happy Easter

 After a prolonged break from my little space over here, I am back!!!


It doesn’t matter that there is a fresh layer of snow here in Stuttgart, because the spring months officially begin today!!!

Last month I felt highly unmotivated to post here. With James’ forever changing work schedule and the icky weather we were having, rain for two weeks straight, I was not in a traveling mood which broke my heart.

I have learned that traveling as a hobby is very addictive. I became slightly sullen and withdrawn at the lack of cooperating weather, but no more!!!

The prolonged break gave me a bit of blogging clarity and I am seeing this little place in a whole new light. I decided, after much time to think on it, to refocus this little space of mine. I want to take it back to it’s original purpose. Blogging about our everyday life here and of course our travels.

While I was gone I would occasionally look in on the stats and was surprised to find that it wasn’t a dead zone here for the month of February. My travel posts were viewed regularly as were the posts I made about the everyday.

So new found direction and purpose in the blog. Look out y’all I am ready for a comeback!!!

I am feeling so geared up for this month. I can already feel it turning out better than the one before. Travels for real will be happening this month, the living room is almost complete, or at least I am getting to a point where I feel comfortable showcasing it on here, FINALLY, and of course more regular check ins with what is going on in Stuttgart.

Pssst… It’s also someone’s birthday this month…

Bring on 24!!!

I am a little birthday obsessed… Just a smidgen.

March will be marvelous and my personal promise to live every day of it fully.

Happy March and Happy Easter everyone!!!



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