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The Month of Love

February Post Quote

Welcome to the “Month of Love!!!”

February is one of those months I can’t help but love. Romance is in the air and people are in lifted spirits. Some may call me overly optimistic, but I can feel and see the change in people in the days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. It reminds me of Christmas time in that sense.

I am a firm believer in the idea that you should take time for your spouse or significant other all year round. However, I adore that there is one special day every year set aside specifically for love. I think one of the misconceptions people have is that, everything needs to be a grand gesture. Personally I believe the purpose behind Valentine’s Day is to remind everyone to appreciate those they love in their life. We are so busy with life, that many people do not take that time, nor do we tell those we love how much they mean to us.

Please do me a favor this month and take some special time for those you love. Whether they are your spouse, significant other, family, or friends, remind them of how important they are to you.

Now after my PSA, let’s get into this month’s outlook.

First coming up this month is the review of my New York Times Bestseller selection. I selected The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks. What better way to quick of the Month of Love, than with a novel by the King of love himself? In addition to my book review, I’ll be adding a movie review as well. The Choice, comes out this Friday. I think all of y’all should go see it. Let’s be real here the man has never let us down. Just be sure to bring tissues. Be on the lookout for that on Sunday.


Along books and movies, a little update on the challenge selections for the month.

First things first, y’all remember how last month I said I was going to make a goal of 52 books for this year? Well because I am a crazy person I decided to up the ante for myself a little.

You are now looking at the craziest person ever:

120 books!!!

A quick break down: ten books a month, roughly one every three days.

Yep I’m crazy. Call the men in white with the big nets, I need a padded room.

So following up my admission to be crazy we: We have Fairy Tales Retold and 2016 Publication for the monthly selections.

I am a HUGE Beauty and the Beast, fan. Ask my sister she will tell you as I child I made her suffer through it all the time. Naturally my fairy tale selection would be centered around Beauty and the Beast. I have heard a lot great things about A Court of Thorns and Roses, but I am proceeding with caution on this one. It promises a brilliant blend of Beauty and the Beast with Fae Folklore. I’ll be starting this on Valentine’s Day if any of y’all wish to join along and post my review on it the following Sunday. Fingers are crossed for a great read.


Following this will be a 2016 Publication. I have raved about Jennifer L. Armentrout, extencivly on here. She quickly became one of my go to authors last year. This is how it is for me: “Oh this is by Jennifer Armentrout? CLICK, I own it now.” I have been patiently – who are we kidding? – impatiently waiting for this since last year. Bring on The Power!!! I am having Seth and Josie withdraws. The review for this will get posted on the normal schedule, the 6th of March, however it becomes available on the 23rd and you can bet good money on it that I will begin it the second Amazon releases it to me on the Kindle. This is going to be AMAZING!!!


Then of course on the flip side there is the movie selections for the month. James’ is looking forward to the picks this month: Mystery/Thriller and A True Story.

Last year The Loft, was released. Seeing the trailer for this had me on the edge of my seat, wanting to know how the story would unfold. Time got away before I could see it and James was away at boot camp, so now we are taking the time to see this mystery. We love a good “Whodunit” story line.

Now one of my favorite true story movies is The Blind Side. One of the best movies ever made. However, we agreed that we would only pick movies we haven’t seen so we will be watching Gangster Squad. When i have asked about this movie I have gotten split reviews: They love it or they hate it. There is no middle ground with this movie apparently. Like A Court of Thorns and Roses, I am proceeding with caution on this one.

Romantic picks for February right?

And of course the best thing: TRAVELING!!!

Following in January’s footsteps we are only doing on trip this month. It’ll be a nice little weekend getaway to Strasbourg in France. Strasbourg will have a lot to live up to after the wonders of Munich. That will be a hard act to follow, but if any place can follow it up, it will of course be a location within my beloved France. Just a little while longer and I will be in the country that has captivated my heart and soul all these years. Let the count down begin.


I hope you all enjoy this Month of Love. Again be sure to tell all those special people in your life, how much you love and appreciate them.

Much love to all who finished this!!!



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