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Carter Reed by Tijan


A Book I Own, but Haven’t Read


After killing the son of a mobster, Emma has to seek out her brother’s friend Carter Reed. To the public eye he is known for his business ventures and success in the city. In the seedy underground world he is simply known as the Cold Killer. He is not someone to be messed with. She hasn’t seen or spoken to Carter since her brother’s murder, but he has to help her. After all it was murder in self-defense. In a city where the mob holds control of everything she must make a choice: go on the run and live in fear or trust her life to someone who strikes fear into the hearts of those who know his true job.



Carter Reed




Carter Reed Book One

Spin Off



New Adult; Mob; Suspense; Romance


28 September 2013

Page Count



Two out of Five


The only thing that kept me from giving up on this book was getting parts of the story from Carter’s point of view. They were short and rare, but enough to keep me going. This would have been so much better from Carter’s point of view or at least splitting the story between them evenly. It is named for Carter, and yet it takes forever before we are actually introduced to him and he is absent through half the story.

The beginning of this book was a waste of time. There are so many flashback that it makes it unnecessary. The writing was short and choppy in the beginning. I understand the purpose behind the style choice but again it wasn’t needed. The book would have been much better off starting with Emma approaching Carter for his help.

The story is stagnant and lack any real development. Emma complains about one thing or another through the whole story. She was rather unlikable through the whole story.

I do not understand how there is a follow up to this novel. Nor do I understand all the rave reviews it has. As I was reading this, I was wondering if I was reading the same book as everyone else.

Read at your own risk; you’ve been warned.

Join me on the 31st, for my New York Times Best Seller selection, The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks. A double review will be posted on the 7th of February featuring both the book and movie.



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