Five on Friday

Five on Friday: Birthday Plans and Instagram

Happy Friday friends!!! I hope you all have had a fantastic week. Here’s a little recap of our weeks so far. Enjoy



Paris, my lovely Paris. Last week I mentioned how one of my goals for 2016, is to cross off three more of my top European cities. I have been in love with Paris, for as long as I can remember and this week we started making plans to go for my birthday!!! This girl is beyond excited. Finally I can put that high school French to work.


On the same topic of completing things for 2016, I have almost finished re-reading The Return, by the awesome Jennifer L. Armentrout.


I absolutely loved this book last year and now the smaller details are fresh in my mind for book two: The Power. Be on the look out for my post on Sunday about the book. No spoilers I promise.


One last 2016, update, I promise: I am headed back to school on Monday. I got registered and my books purchased this week, so I am all set. For six weeks I will be studying the language in hopes of being able to pass by on speaking for the next two and a half years. Wish me luck!!!


At the start of this week I posted about our trip to Triberg for some pre New Years celebrations. It was an adorable little town and so much fun. If you haven’t had the chance yet you should check it out.




I have decided to expand my social media and join Instagram. I am so far behind with just my Facebook page and Pinterest account but I am slowly catching up. We shall see how this goes…

Have a marvelous weekend y’all!!!



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