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The Best of Prague

The Best of Prague

 A few weeks back, I got to cross off one of my top seven European cities with a wonderful day trip. By no means did Anjali and I see it all, nor do I have all the secrets of a local, but here’s a look into everything you can see with just a single day in one of the most enchanting cities Europe has to offer.

Quick Tips

  • The Czech Republic uses the Czech Koruna, the exchange rate is roughly 25 Koruna for every $1.
  • We did not use an exchange system while here, instead opting to withdraw cash from the local ATMs. If you go this route, look for an ATM attached to an actual bank. The best rates and fees are offered here.
  • With only one day in Prague, walking is a must. Wear comfortable shoes since the city is filled with cobblestone paths and hills. You see so much of the city this way and the views are phenomenal.
  • Make time to just wander and take Prague in. This is true not only for Prague, but all of Europe. The best experience can be had with some good ole fashion wandering.

What to do?

Even with just a day, there is so much you can see and do in Prague.

  • Charles Bridge
    • The most iconic sights of Prague can be seen from this bridge. When we went, it was just after noon, a Saturday, and Winter Break was in full swing across Europe, i.e. very, very crowded. Still though with all the people surrounding you, the moment you look into the distance a calm will come over you. This Bridge is worth all the hype.




  • New Town
    • This part of town is worth a quick stroll. If you are coming from the train station you will hit it on your way to all the other sights. Lined with shopping, cafes, and restaurants you wouldn’t believe it has been the sight to so much history.



  • Old Town Square
    • The charm of the city will pulse through you here. No trip to Prague will be complete without spending time here soaking everything in.


Saint Nicholas Church


Astronomical Clock


Church of Our Lady before Tyn


Jan Hus Memorial

  • Prague Castle
    • This was by far my favorite part of our day in Prague. The beauty is jaw dropping. And the history? In the one hour tour we learned more about Prague, the Czech Republic, and the impact it had on European and World History, than all our years of school.



Where to eat?

It is no secret I love to eat. Anytime I go somewhere, I am all over the food like white on rice (see even my similes involve food). Naturally Prague was no different.

  • Mistral Cafe
    • If you are looking for a sit down restaurant I highly recommend Mistral Cafe. The food is out of this world delicious. Located on the outskirts of Old Town Square this is a not to be missed place. So many options on the menu, both Czech and international dishes to choose from. It will have something for everyone. I am getting hungry now writing about this food.
  • Street food
    • It seems to be way of life in Prague. Of course with the market set up there were food stalls abound. While that all is of course delicious the regular food stands had the best stuff.
      • Visiting in the winter? Get a small cup of hot chocolate. The taste is like no other. It’s as if they melted chocolate bars and mixed in some milk. A small cup will be enough to warm you up and satisfy any sweet tooth or chocolate lover.
      • There is also the best street dessert you will ever have. Trdelnik!!! There are places selling this wonderful creation on every street corner. Warm dough, covered in cinnamon and sugar? Need I say more?


The delicious chicken and beef noddle soup.


Melt in your mouth pork tenderloin with a creamy mushroom sauce. Add a side of potato dollops and you won’t be sorry.


And you cannot forget dessert.


One bite from this and I promise you will be in heaven.

And there ya have it!!! How to get the very best of Prague in a single day.

Happy travels!!!



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