Five on Friday

Five on Friday: Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone and happy Friday!!!

The New Year has started and I am ready to kick it off with a New Year themed edition of Five on Friday.

Here are my top five commitments and goals for 2016.

Five on Friday


I am clearly committed to travel. I have been in Germany less than 100 days and have already seen so much. This year I want to branch out further. Last year I got to see Prague, taking the list from seven must see European cities to six. This year I have a goal of crossing off three more cities from this list.


Florence, Italy


London, England


Paris, France

Trevi Fountain.jpg

Rome, Italy


Venice, Italy


Vienna, Austria


Of course everyone has the healthier year goal and I am no different. Towards the end of 2015 I started slacking on the healthier cooking and eating, so first and for most is to better eating. Also I want to commit myself to drinking more water and being more active. Not necessarily gym crazy active, but at least some physical activity everyday. Walking Parker for an hour a day totally counts right?


For those of y’all that read yesterday’s post, you saw me mention my goal of reading 75 books in the 20 weeks James was away for boot camp and A-School. Yes, I did actually complete it. By the skin of my teeth but a win’s a win. Clearly I love a good reading challenge. This year I plan to scale it back a bit to 52 books (one a week). As The year progresses I may tack on a few extra.


I am committing myself to learning German this year. I do not need to be the best but I need to know more than the handful of phrases I do now. I am taking the first step on Monday and signing up for the introductory class offered on the base. Please, wish me luck.


And finally, a commitment to my blog. I decided I needed to get more organized and plan my blog posts a bit better. I got a jump start on this goal and planned out everything for January. My hope is to be able to have about fifteen posts per month. This will probably be my hardest commitment for the year. I want both quality and quantity.

Good luck to you all this year on sticking to your commitments, completing your resolutions, and meeting those goals.

Happy New Year!!!


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