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A Look Back at 2015


Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

Can y’all believe it is almost 2016? It feels like I haven’t been in Germany long enough for those final two months of the year to play out. And yet here we are the last day of 2015.

I wanted to close out 2015 by reflecting on all the wonderful things that happened.

So sit back, relax, and have a drink and some snacks at the ready. You’re in for the long haul today.



At the start of January, James was officially swearing in and about to begin five long months of boot camp and A-School.


Some of the many letters I would write to James. This was the day I finally got an address. I’m pretty sure I broke the Huntsville Post Office that night.


My book reading addiction was in full force while James was gone. I got it n my had that the more I read the faster time would go. Surprisingly I was right. 75 books in 20 weeks.


How right you were little fortune cookie, how right you were.


Turned 23 this month and celebrated it with the best doggie and parents ever. 23 years old and the best gift ever was the cotton candy machine my mom ordered me.


Dogs who forget how to dog: Parker watching her man Gibbs on NCIS. No one is as much of an NCIS fan as my Parker.

The most exciting thing to happen this month? James’ orders came down!!! Off to Germany we shall go!!!



This was a pretty quite month filled with reading and of course NCIS.


My first order of business this month was correcting what my sister saw as a terrible in justice: I had never see My Cousin Vinny.


TV time with the best pup around and beginning preparations for James to come home!!! May became that time when you know something great is about to come so each day goes by super slow as you wait.

And the main event for the month:


James graduated boot camp and A-School!!! After five long months we got to see each other again and it was wonderful!!!


After the fastest eight days of my life, James had to board a plane to go on to Germany without me. This worse than him going to boot camp by far. At least then we knew when it was over, but this… Some days felt like it would never end.

On the brighter side of things this month, my wonderful big sissy and her family came to Texas!!! I loved getting to see all of them it had been way too long.


Summer began to pass slowly, but during July we all went on Emma Watch 2015. My dearest friend was having her first baby!!! It was such an exciting time and a few short weeks later I met the little princess who had us all captivated awaiting her arrival.


My wonderful husband joined me in the 23 club this month. We had small celebrations through Skype with plans to do it bigger and better for his 24th.



We mourned the passing of my dear grandmother this month. My sister said it perfectly:

[She was] a woman whose laugh was was infectious and who loved beyond measure. We lost a woman who embodied love, strength and family. A mom, a grandma and a great grandma. Her legacy will live on with us, always.

Heaven just got a little bit brighter with your presence.


The time finally came and I was all set to join James in Germany.

That morning was filled with so many emotions. I faced the hardest thing to date. I had to say goodbye to my parents. After all this time I was truly leaving the nest… It was time to begin a new chapter in my life and finally be reunited with my husband.

I started to settle into our new home, created this blog, and we set off on the first of many adventures.

Heidelberg, you captured our hearts.


First Anniversary!!!

We celebrated one year of marriage this month. We had a perfect day together doing everything we love. I could not have asked for a better person to be my husband. I love you James!!! XOXO

Got to explore more of Germany in Nuremberg and see what the city of Stuttgart had to offer. We also got to partake in a German tradition: Christmas markets!!!


Some of the wonderful, wonderful friends we have made here.


We I got hit with the travel bug this month. At the start, James was wanting to know what I wanted for Christmas and my list was simple (to me at least; if you ask him I wa causing problems since it couldn’t go under the tree) I wanted to travel a lot this month. And boy did I get my wish!!!


Tubingen for the Chocolate Festival

Rhine Falls in Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Prague, oh Prague (one of the top cities I had to see while in Europe)

Medieval times in Esslingen

Mountains near Füssen AKA our castle fail trip

The enchanting Würzburg

This month was a dream come true for me. So much travel and so many wonderful days spent with great friends. A girl couldn’t ask for much more than that.

December has been a fun and crazy month, one of the best this year by far.

And with that we are done. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I know it was super long, so thank you for sticking it through till the end. It means so much. I am so excited for the year to come and everything it will offer us.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!!! Enjoy it and be safe tonight.

Much love!!!



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