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A Royal Afternoon in Würzburg

After our epic failure at seeing Füssen, we came home and went to the drawing board on where to go next. Thus our Würzburg trip was born. Since I had everything planned for Saturday and that failed, we decided to just wing it. Something we are not good at. We like to know what we will be doing when. For our first time going into a city blind we did pretty good, I think so at least.

We left Stuttgart a little later in the morning arriving into Würzburg for lunch. On the way I totally took a peak at my phone to find somewhere good to eat. Nothing is worse on a trip than bad food. So we ended up at Sushi Corner just outside of the shopping district. The food was so delicious. We agreed it is a must stop for our next trip to Würzburg.



We clearly ate several pieces before I remembered to take a picture. It was so good and filling.

We ordered the His and Her’s Sushi Platter. It came with a variety of options and about 15 pieces each. We felt it was a pretty good deal at 29€.

After lunch we headed back towards the Marketplatz (great place to park at) and began our tour of the city.

Our idea to wing it didn’t last long. We ended up grabbing a map at the information window to make our way over to The Residenz Wurzburg.




The palace was where we ended up spending most of our time and we didn’t even see the whole thing. We were there for about three hours and saw only a small fraction. Originally built for the Prince Bishop the palace has over 360 rooms and the most expansive gardens I have ever seen. After the reformation and separation of church and state came out this gorgeous place became a summer home for the Bavarian monarchy.

We opted to take the tour at the palace and it was so worth it. Though it did not allow us a lot of time to wonder after (this is what we get for winging it), we did get to see some of the most beautiful rooms they have. Hidden behind locked doors are the Imperial Rooms and it was breath taking. Tapestries, vast art collections, gold detail from floor to ceiling, and the history of it all. It was worth every minute of the tour.


Approaching the front doors of the palace.





The view from the front of the palace doors.


One of the many gates leading to the palace gardens.









Can you imagine… All of this for just a summer residence?


The “backyard” view of Würzburg.

Since we were visiting in the off season, most other sights were closed by the time we left the palace grounds. We took the long way back to Marketplatz and got to see so much of the city.









On our way back stopped inside a small chocolate shop to look around and ended up leaving with a box of truffles.

DSC01338.JPGThe deliciousness of Hussel Confiserie. So many choices of chocolate and this box of ten for only 7€. As a Godiva lover, I can tell y’all it is just as good. The only thing: it is all in German so you are just Picking based on how they look and the few words that are the same in both German and English.

It was a really great afternoon in Würzburg. I hope we can go back soon to see more and of course eat that wonderful sushi again.



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