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Christmas Week and a Castle Fail


Christmas Week, as I had been calling it, has come and gone. I am a few days late and a dollar short on writing this post, so I apologize.

We started our week out hosting a Christmas party. It was the first time we had ever hosted a party of any kind and decided to jump into it head first. Sadly, the entire party past with only one photo taken the entire night. It was of course of the food!!!

I spent all day cooking and threw together the most fantastic chicken I have ever had. Easily a new favorite I will have to make again and again. I will post all about my secret recipe later in the month of January. For now one not so good sneak peak picture is all I am giving away.


The party went off splendidly. I could not have asked for it to be better. I had decided early on to do a White Elephant Exchange with a little Grinchy twist. After we ate, everyone gathered around for a reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Every time the word “Grinch,” was read, we passed our gifts to the right. Early on there were some favorite packages people wanted and one gift, mine, no one wanted and were continuously puzzled by. A little hint for an White Elephant Party, by packaged fruitcake and refrigerate till it is time to wrap. As you do the exchanging, people will feel the coldness and the condensation building on the paper. It is perfect for a lot of laughs. I cannot wait to see what next year’s party brings us.

A few days later, I took several photos to remember our first Christmas here. We decorated our door and the window near the tree.



I love the effect our LED lights have on the walls.


Eight years of Holiday Barbie collecting. I was so sad to think this year would be the first year I didn’t get one to add to the collection.


Our pretty, pretty hallway.


On Christmas Eve, I did a little pre – Christmas shopping with Anjali, for frames to start our gallery wall. Hopefully the living room will completely be together in January. I am very excited to begin the wall. I have to give a nice shout out to Anjali as well for the beautiful mirror she gifted us with. It is such a gorgeous piece with an antique feel. I absolutely love it.

James worked a twelve hour shift on Christmas Eve and would work another Christmas Day, so that raised the question of how to alter our traditions. We adopted my family’s way of doing Christmas: Christmas Eve, you open stockings and out of town presents and Christmas Day is for gifts you give to each other. For Christmas Eve, we decided to open the gifts sent from his family, my sister and her family, and that we gave to each other. We saved my parents’ presents for our Skype date on Christmas Day.

I loved getting to see my parents and talk with them. I cannot wait for them to come visit. Nor for my sister to come as well. It will be so wonderful.


As you can see my parents are awesome and sent the 2015 Holiday Barbie all the way to Germany for me. Also you can see the wonderful official Chick-Fil-A dipping sauces my sister sent me. Cannot wait to try out that recipe.

Isn’t that little fur baby in the back adorable?

One of my gifts this year was too big to wrap: Neuschwanstein Castle. We set out early the day after Christmas to make the drive to Füssen. Our short two hour road trip turned into FIVE hours due to tunnel closures. We finally arrived at one o’ clock to learn all tickets had been sold for the day. Yes, I did cry a little I was so disappointed. Hopefully our trip can be done in January. We have been trying to see the most iconic sight in Germany since I got here. On the bright side I got gorgeous pictures of the mountains on the drive.






Can you believe something this beautiful is in existence? The one bright side to the traffic: we got to really enjoy this creation and take it all in as we waited.

That was how we spent our Christmas Week and for those of y’all that stuck it through till the end (so long I know) I send you each a hug of gratitude.

Hopefully I will be better and have the recap of our Würzburg trip up for y’all tomorrow. Until then have a  wonderful night (afternoon for my stateside people).



3 thoughts on “Christmas Week and a Castle Fail

  1. Gorgeous mountains! Parker in the Christmas picture, between the Barbies and the gifts – priceless. I just love that fur baby!


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