Five on Friday

Five on Friday: Christmas Edition

Five on Friday

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I absolutely love doing these Five on Friday posts. What could possibly make it any better? A Christmas edition!!!


 Oh Christmas music… You always make me so happy. I am obsessed with Christmas music and it’s always so sad when it goes away. Hopefully I can stretch it out till January 1st this year. One f the best songs all year is “A Mad Russian’s Christmas” from Trans Siberian Orchestra. I LOVE this mash up of music from The Nutcracker ballet.


My favorite Christmas movie will be getting watched once again today. Truth be told I watch this movie about 100 times a year outside of Christmas. Flirting with Forty, is indeed a Christmas movie and a fantastic one at that. I adore this movie.


Anyone else get excited by the sheer thrill of wanting to know what is inside each bag and box? For me that is the best part of Christmas morning. The teasing is over!!! The shiny paper with pretty ribbons and the beautiful bags overflowing with tissue are all fair game!!! As much as I love putting everything together and making each gift look beautiful under the tree, the excitement of tearing it all apart and waiting to see people’s faces as they open their gifts, is by far the best part of Christmas for me.


Before the destruction


I need to give a shout out to my awesome sister. In our family we grew up opening out of town gifts on Christmas Eve. For James and I that’s almost everything under the tree. She sent the most creative and awesome present. I am a huge Chick Fil A addict. The worst thing about living overseas… No Chick Fil A. NONE!!! This is in fact devastating for me. So my big sissy in all her awesomeness sent me a package filled with all the official dipping sauces AND the highest rated chicken nugget copycat recipe so I can have my delicious tasties all the way in Germany. Cristin, you are the best!!! I love you!!!


I will be doing a total recap of our fun filled Christmas week tomorrow. We had our party Sunday, that was so much fun and I am already planning how to top it next year. Monday, we went to the Esslingen Medieval Christmas Market which closed out the market season (I’ll be giving a ranking and recaps of all the ones we saw this year). Yesterday’s modified Christmas Eve tradition. All the fun things from today. And a sneak peak at something too big to be wrapped and placed under our tree.



One thought on “Five on Friday: Christmas Edition

  1. Awe! I love you too!!
    I am glad the chic fila sauces were such a hit. 😍

    I am glad your first Christmas away was a great one.

    PS. Let me know when a replenishing is needed. 😉


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