Sugar Cookies


One more day till Christmas morning!!! Of course you need a cookie recipe, so when Santa comes he has delicious tasties waiting him. These will be perfect and sure to keep you on his Nice List for life.


1 box of white cake mix

2 eggs

1 stick of melted butter

1 cup of powdered sugar

1 tbsp of corn starch

Food coloring in you choice colors (red and green of course for Christmas)


Preheat your oven to 375 degrees

In one bowl mix together the powdered sugar and corn starch

In a separate bowl mix together the melted butter, cake mix, and eggs

Once the batter is blended add in your food coloring (separate evenly for more than one color)

Roll your cookies into balls and coat with the sugar mixture

Using one to two fingers lightly tap the cookie to flatten slightly (easier to keep the round shape and for even cooking)

Place on a baking sheet evenly spaced (they will spread out slightly)

Bake for 7 minutes

Allow to cool before eating


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