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Esslingen’s Medieval Christmas Market 2015


As Christmas time approached and the markets began to open everyone was talking about Esslingen’s must see Medieval themed market. When I got to Germany I had a goal to see as many as I could. Naturally with all the hype surrounding this market we had to go.

This year I got to experience four different markets and I must say, Esslingen did not let us down. It was by far the best one I went to this year. Many of the activities we were told about ended up being for children only, however what was offered by vendors in Esslingen surpassed the others by far.









At the others you would see some of the same things repeat so you had to be weary of what you were paying. Much like medieval times though, there was only one booth per craft and trade offered. Every booth offered excellent quality items all hand crafted and exceptionally beautiful. This here was a gift givers paradise, so many unique items to be found.



Esslingen’s market just became a yearly tradition for our time overseas.

~ Melanie


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