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Adventures in Zürich


We are now truly international!!! From the United States, living in Germany, and just had a marvelous time in Zürich, Switzerland. Three countries since my arrival in October.

We had a pretty early start to our day, chasing the sun fog, as it rose into the sky for the day. As we approached the boarder, the sun was waiting on the other side for us. I could not have been more relieved to see those clear blue skies ahead.

DSC00616.jpgThe very first stop was quickly added to my our list after reading about it shortly before bed.

We only stayed for a short while. Long enough to take a few photos and get information for a warmer weather visit. There is an observation dock in the middle of the waterfall, a castle on the cliffs to the right, boat rides around it, on the calmer side kayaking and paddle boarding, lots of hiking, and for James rock climbing, abseiling and zip-lining above the water.







After our short visit, we continued down the autobahn to enter Zürich.

DSC00644.JPGThe second stop on the adventure was to the Swiss National Museum. Inside a former castle, the museum documents the entire history of Switzerland and the people. You can find their history and their role in global history, as well as pharmaceutical advances, inventions, history of fashion, and Swiss timepieces.

After some history, it was time to hit the sights.



DSC00685.JPGThe inside of the church was so beautiful. The stained glass windows were so beautiful and the detail was incredible.

We climbed all 300 steps up the tower to observe Zürich from above. The views are well worth the climb. Be warned the stairwells are very narrow and used to go both up and down. To allow someone to pass you each have to place your back against the walls and walk sideways.








After the breathtaking views, we navigated our way through the beautiful cobblestone streets to Confiserie Sprüngli. They were founded in 1836 and are internationally known for their macaroons. You may have heard of one of their original partners, Lindt. They split away from the group in 1892. We had a delicious lunch in their cafe. We had hoped to shop their chocolates, macaroons, and little cakes however being Sunday they were closed. Just one of the many reasons to go back.

After our lunch we spent several hours wondering the streets of Zürich. It is a must do. You get to see so much of the city just walking about.









Our last stop of the day was the main train station. Every year there is a Christmas market inside the station. They display a tree fully adorned with Swarovski ornaments. Surrounding the tree they display famous pieces as well.


DSC00815.JPGWe had such a wonderful time. I hope that while we are here we can return to Zürich again.

~ Melanie



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