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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Hello December!!!

I cannot believe the we are in the last month of 2015.

With being the last month that means….


Some yearly traditions from my house are Flirting with Forty and 12 Men of Christmas. Lifetime is hopefully adding to their awesome Christmas movie list this year with The Christmas Spirit. I cannot wait!!!

Christmas Movie List

12 Men of Christmas

Arthur Christmas


Four Christmases

Flirting with Forty

The Grinch

Last Holiday

The Nutcracker (this is another tradition for me, this year I won’t get to see the ballet live but I do own a performance so same same… ish)

Rise of the Gaurdians (I do not believe this is Christmas because it takes place before Easter, but James swears it is)

Rudolph (animation, so in other words the non – nightmare inducing version)

The Santa Clause

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (James I love you, because I am so against clay-mation, hello nightmares!!!)

Scooby – Doo Christmas Collection

The Spirit of Christmas

Winnie the Pooh Christmas

Hopeful Travels




Triberg (home of the cuckoo clock)



A lofty goal this month but fingers crossed we can see it all or a least a good amount.

I will go ice skating this month!!! That is what I keep telling myself. I will not let the fact that I am awful at it stop me it WILL happen.

First ever Christmas Party this month!!!

And the three main events for Christmas time:


Christmas Eve Dinner


It’ll be so weird this year not watching the Rockin’ New Years Eve Show this year. Therefore, I need to put together some New Years Eve plans for us this year.

Any ideas?

And finally one major thing going on in our house this month…

On December 6th, a very special fur baby will be THREE years old!!!

I need to get a little birthday shopping done for Parker.

Her List:


Stuffed squeakie toys

Human dinner

and of course CAKE

Parker shortly after her adoption.

She still sits like that too and brings all her toys to watch TV.

We have a fun month ahead of us so come check us for updates.



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