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Five on Friday: Daniel Radcliffe and Mockingjay Part 2

Five on Friday

Y’all I love Fridays. They are the best days ever, second only to Tuesdays (new book release day). I hope each of you has an amazing Friday today.


On Sunday, I went and saw Mockingjay Part 2 (more on that in a second). Before the movie they showed this preview here:

During which this crazy Harry Potter fan went nuts for. Daniel Radcliffe was my first true love in life (and of course Tom Felton) so needless to say I will be seeing Victor Frankenstein, this weekend.


Now about Mockingjay Part 2….

I was very apprehensive about seeing this film. To be blunt: I HATED Part 1. I know with how many fans there are I have to be in the minority, but frankly it was just awful. I have not even been able to bring myself to buy the DVD, that is how much I cannot stand Part 1.

Part 2…


I cannot tell y’all how awesome this film was. It totally made up for the disaster that was Part 1. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, were the best films in the franchise and Part 2 is right on their level. This movie makes you feel so many things. The story is just so moving and tragic. If you go see this (which I highly recommend you do) bring tissues, you’ll thank me for it.


I started the follow up to One of Those Malibu Nights, this week and so far it is making up for lack of suspense from the first one. Don’t get me wrong the first one was a great read, it just lacked a little meat in the mystery aspect.

there's something about st tropez

“Five international vacationers, strangers to each other, misfits running from their daily lives, are brought together at the same small seaside Hotel of Dreams, by a rental scam, an international art heist, passion, murder and a haunting.

It had seemed like the perfect getaway for Malibu’s famous TV private investigator, Mac Reilly and his girlfriend/partner, Sunny Alvarez, along with his three-legged, one-eyed rescue dog Pirate, and her snippy three-pound fiend on four paws, the chihuahua, Tesoro. But now they find themselves having to sort out the misfits’ lives, including two lonely children on the trail of the mystery, solve crime, and a murder, all against the sunny, glamorous backdrop of St. Tropez.”





Feeling so accomplished and ahead of the game.

Christmas shopping?


Presents wrapped?


Packages ready to be mailed?


Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone.


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