Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Linking up with A. Liz Adventures for another edition of Five on Friday:


Officially beginning year two of our marriage today!!! Yesterday was our first anniversary and tomorrow we get to celebrate.


We agreed to follow the traditional gift giving for each year.

Hallmark has the whole list here.

I have to say paper proved challenging and I had to get super creative.


 We had an amazing time in Stuttgart the other day, and I cannot wait to go back into the city to experience their Christmas market. I’ll be trying out the ice rink we saw getting setting up. Now that will be an adventure since I am about as graceful as a baby gazelle learning to walk, when I’m on the ice.


 I saw this yesterday morning and I cannot wait. We saw the first one in theaters together and I have been impatiently patiently awaiting the sequel. Just a few more months now.



I have seen this floating around and thought I would share it. James and I would both have a very interesting six weeks. He’s been watching Supernatural and I have been watching Blood Ties. Things would be getting pretty crazy. What about y’all? What would be your life based on your last show watched?




Pray for Paris, pray for the world…


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