Five on Friday

Five on Friday


The day after Halloween the Christmas decorations started to go up around here. It is absolutely wonderful. In the states my husband was always “Meh, it’s not Black Friday, bah humbug till after Thanksgiving.” Now that we are here he’s adopting a “When in Rome,” mentality and I am so happy because that means he is going to help me decorate here pretty soon!!!


During another Pinterest hunt of mine, I found the link to all the Pocket Princesses to date. I totally love these little comic panels. They are the best.554572_511129085579563_485659379_n


Prague!!! We are hopefully going to see this beautiful city next month. I cannot wait to go. I’ve been trying very hard not to be overly excited for it since things can change quickly with the military, and I am totally failing at it. My fingers are tightly crossed that we get to go.


Started doing a little planning for Thanksgiving this week. This is one of James’ favorite holidays. Last year we spent it with my parents and now I have HUGE shoes to fill, since my dad is the most amazing cook. Hopefully things go smoothly.


With the temperature dropping and the rain coming this weekend, I will be closing out my week with Harry Potter Mania. It’s been too long since I have sat down to watch all eight movies together.



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