Our Everyday

The Hush Before the Rush

333b4d3ef27cbd9ab7643e6b9616ca8dWe have a lot of exciting stuff happening this month.

This week we are heading to the tourist spots in Stuttgart. We are going to see the lovely Palace Square and the Old Castle. Inside the castle is several museums, one of which I am very excited for. After a huge makeover, the crown jewels showroom is once again open to the public.

Later in the month we will also be going to Nuremberg. Me, I am excited to see another cute, fairy tale village. James, he’s excited about seeing one of the most famous World War II sights. I definitely won’t be hearing “This is my happy face,” this day trip.

Our one year anniversary is this month!!! I will be making James’ favorite dish, burgundy pork loin, that night. We decided we want to go the ultra traditional route with gift giving, so this year is paper. At Hallmark, they have every year listed from one to sixty and the corresponding gifts. They also include ideas in several budgets and ideas for giving a gift to a couple on their anniversary.

And finally this month the Christmas Markets open up!!! Going to these is on the top of my list of things to do in Germany. For November, we will be staying locally and seeing the Stuttgart one however, if the schedule permits we will be seeing at least two more in December.

Check back regularly this month for travel updates, recipes, and how things are going over here.

I hope everyone has a fantastic November.


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